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Inauguration of new OAC's 0.60-meter reflector

On May 18th 2014 a long-time dream became real; the new 0.60 meter f/9.83 Cassegrain reflector was inaugurated at OAC. At that time it was the largest telescope in Tuscany region.
For the opening ceremony we have been very happy and proud to have at OAC three famous astronomers: dott. Piero Salinari (formerly deputy-director of the LBT - Large Binocular Telescope, Arizona), prof. Corrado Bartolini (formerly professor of Astronomy at University of Bologna), and prof. Adalberto Piccioni (formerly professor of Astrophysical Techniques at University of Bologna). Moreover there were the major who made possible all this: dott. Giorgio Del Ghingaro and various members of the local municipality council.
Below you can see various images shot by the staff of the municipality press office during the opening ceremony of the 0.60 meter reflector.

Prof.Piccioni, Dott. Salinari, Dott. Del Ghingaro, Dott. Santangelo, and Prof. Bartolini under the 0.60 meter on May 18th 2014 .

A nice discussion under the 0.60 meter reflector on May 18th 2014 .

OAC observatory as seen from its eastern side on May 18th 2014.

OAC observatory as seen from its northern side on May 18th 2014.

The dome of OAC's observatory on May 18th 2014

OAC observatory as seen from its north-western side on May 18th 2014






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