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Here we list some short comments about latest news about OAC and improvements of its instruments.

  • Starting from June 2016 until the end of maintenance, the 60 cm f/9.83 Cassegrain reflector will be in maintenance. Stay tuned (read this homepage) in order to know when it will became available again.
  • 2016 June 25th: installed a new Celestron 9x50mm RACI finder scope on the 20 cm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain
  • 2016 April: installed a new air-mass meter on the 60cm Cassegrain reflector
  • Spring 2016: lots of technical trials at the 60cm Cassegrain
  • Winter 2015-2016: lots of technical trials at the 60cm Cassegrain
  • Autumn 2015: technical trials at the 60 cm Cassegrain
  • 2015 September: installed a new support for the Takahashi Sky 90 finder scope on the 60 cm telescope.
  • 2015 August: the faulty keypad of the 60cm telescope was repaired
  • 2015 Summer: some minor improvements to instrumentation owned by IRF (among them there is the installation of a new red dot finder for the 60 cm telescope).
  • 2015 June: Improvements of the polar alignment of the 60cm telescope with Bigourdan's method










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